How to choose the color for your kitchen countertop

Planning a kitchen is funny. From the style of your cabinet ,colour,placing position and so on.Now let’s talk for a minute about the choices you have for a kitchen countertop color, and how your choice can affect the look of the kitchen. Light or Dark We can’t talk about color without talking about light. You […]

How to Make a perfect mosaic tray

First,Clean tray by wiping  or dusting with a slightly damp cloth to remove fine wood particles and dust. Paint with craft paint in a colour of your choice. If required apply a second coat to ensure a professional finish. Always wait for the first coat to be 100% dry before progressing You do not need […]

What are the differences between granite and quartz for countertops?

We are always getting asked What is the difference between granite and quartz for countertops? Granite and quartz are both great choices for countertops, and come in many different patterns and dazzling colors. If you’re about to embark on a bathroom or kitchen remodel, hire an experienced countertop professional who offers granite and quartz installation services, […]


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