Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Travertine

Origin: Much like marble, travertine is also formed by way of underground water systems. Yet, because travertine is formed at a different stage of the process, it has characteristics that are different from the veining patterns common to marble. Appearance: When travertine is formed, the escaping gases caused by water vapor create tiny ‘pores’ in […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Marble

Origin: Although it’s unique, marble is a of a certain family of natural stone. Marble is created in streams underground. These streams gather materials like calcite and dolomite as they their flow over a long period of time. This process creates a build-up of of these materials, as well as other random materials, which eventually […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Slate

Origin: When coastal soil, clay, and other minerals are compressed and heated over millions of years, the result is what is known as slate. Slate demonstrates a rough-hewn beauty, that is also helpfully naturally slip-resistant too. Appearance: Slate tile is of varying surface thickness, which is why it is so slip resistant and appealingly contoured. […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Granite

Origin: Granite is an igenous rock, which means that it is the result of molten rock that has cooled in subterranean pockets until it’s solid. Colors of granite depend on the sundry minerals trapped and suspended inside the molten rock during this process. It’s these sundry materials that give granite an incredible density and stability. […]

How to Choose a Right Printing Company

A professional printing company can prove highly useful when you need to complete a large or complex project, such as  mass producing a brochure. But not all printing companies are created equal, and if you want to ensure the maximum value for your hard-earned dollar, you must do your homework before settling on any company.With a […]

How to identify the display rack quality through pictures?

Many overseas customers purchasing stone sample display rack from other countries, far away so that only communicate via e-mail or telephone and other communications equipment.Most suppliers will send pictures to the customers, how to identify the display quality through display of shooting pictures? Metal display rack Nice metal display stand’s spray paint, color sense will be […]

How to Identify a Good Quality Acrylic Display

Firstly,Touching acrylic display rack by hand to determine how its quality. Surface of quality acrylic display stand  is rounded and smooth, feel good, and will not easily leave fingerprints or other traces. Secondly, Observing the transparency of acrylic display rack. Good acrylic will have excellent transparency, so the finest acrylic display stand usually has a good light […]

Five types of packaging materials

Cardboard Appropriate for packaging materials wrapping, preferable to “white cork”. Its use may prove to be unnecessary when used for products which are already packaged sufficiently. In all cases, this packaging material is easy to recycle reuse. It is used in the form of boxes, sheets corrugated cardboard.such as cardboard sample box Brick carton A […]

QR Codes on Product Labels

Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional graphics that can be scanned by smartphone cameras to automatically retrieve text, photos, videos and URLs. Being mobile-friendly, there are many benefits to printing QR codes on labels. This scannable technology allows shoppers to use their smartphones and mobile devices to learn more about an item. The codes can […]

Personalizing Product Labels for More Market Reaction

As reported that Personalizing Product Labels increases customer loyalty and generates 30 percent more profits than other types of marketing materials. Adding this kind of value to marketing campaigns has become easier than ever before – and is why it has become a strategy used by companies across a wide range of industries, particularly those […]

Intro Of Label Material Types

As a professional  label supplier,Here I introduce the material for label in detail . Biostone Labels One of our eco-friendly options that is actually made of stone—no trees are used. This label material should not be laminated. Cast Gloss Labels Cast Gloss labels are specially designed for the wine industry. It is paper-based with a high-gloss white […]

Non-Woven PP Shopping Bags With Printing logos

PP non-woven is supported by the textile world. What gives this material versatility and low cost. Is it really green? It is a recyclable material used to make bags of quality, low cost along with printing logos. Non-woven polypropylene bags make great promotional products because the non woven material is easy to color, which gives […]