How to choose a marble catalogue

Marble is ametabolic and durable. It has a soft texture and elegant style. It is an ideal material for
decorating luxury buildings such as monuments, towers, statues, etc., as well as art carvings such as
stationery and lamps.As the accessories of the stone, the design of the marble catalogue is also
bringing new ideas all the time, hope to present it to everyone with a better. So how to choose a classic
marble catalogue?

First of all, choose a large company with abundant experience in the manufacture of sample catalogues,
because they usually has rich experience in product design, production and quality control, and the
abundant capital cost can make them almost replace the sample catalogue every year., then a large number
of sample catalogues will be sold at low prices, which is a good time to buy a sample book, do not worry
about quality problems, I said earlier, the control of product quality by large companies is worthwhile.

Second, go to the company for a site visit. The investigation I said was not only to go to the company
to see the samples, but also to go to the factory for inspection. Of course, it is necessary to look at
the sample book. Only if you are satisfied with the sample, will you have the idea of buying it? You can
go to the factory to visit the specific production process of the sample book, such as the panel of the
sample book, the link bar, the material of the cover, the process of using two-color mold, monochrome
mold or self-adhesive, and so on.

In short, the marble sample catalogue should be designed according to the characteristics of the stone
(such as size, color), set off the advantages of marble, dilute the shortcomings, show the best side to
the customer, so as to achieve the purpose of sales, experienced stone samples manufacturer is your first

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