6 manufacturing specifications of tile display stand

Now people are increasingly demanding the tile display stand, no longer limited to practicality. Industry summed up the six manufacturing specifications of tile display stand. If a tile display stand is good enough, only look at these six specifications.

1.Integrity specification: reflected in consistent shape, consistent processes, uniform color, uniform style these four points.

2.Age norms. The concept embodied in the era of nourishing art show planning in every cell. In this world, tile display stand manufacturing requirements planning reflects these types of ideas: a new comprehensive whole idea, the concept of time and space, human concepts, ecological concepts, information concepts, systems concepts and ideas, such as high-tech.

3. Cultural norms: embodied in the highlight personality and taste, during which regional and ethnic cultural traditions have naturally reflects demand.

4.Occupational norms: reflect consistency in form and content.

5. Environmental norms: reflected in any good supermarket display stand planning manufacturing will not cause environmental pollution, both fit the needs of “sustainable carry out” basic national policy needs good planning must also be plenty of discussion on “the neighbors”, near environmental future products, must keep environment to achieve “relative benefit was Akira”

6. Creative specification: a novel idea embodied in the image of originality and artistic.
A good tile display stand planning manufacturing, but also increasingly needs to contact the local business environment, fashion, and personality and taste.

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