How does marble floor prevent slippery?

Marble antiskid is a concerned problem people who use marble tiles on their floors, but it is well known that marble is smooth and easy to fall. What good anti-slip measures make the marble floor both beautiful?Is there any good antiskid measure that makes the marble floor both aesthetic and skidproof?please keep reading. Anti-slip agent […]

Method for distinguishing true and false quartz stones

Many people don’t know much about quartz stone.they don’t know how to choose high-quality quartz stone. The following is a simple explanation for how to distinguish true and false quartz stone countertops. Look with your eyes The regular quartz stone will have the code of the stone company on the back, and there should be […]

How to purchasing safe and healthy tiles

Good quality tiles generally pay more attention to safety. radiation will also be controlled within the scope of the state. When purchasing tiles, it is necessary to check many ways rather than just look at the pattern of single tile samples. First of all, observe the appearance,good quality tiles’ surface should be smooth and delicate, […]

Common stone sample box material

The stone sample box, as the name implies, is the box for displaying stone samples. The appearance of the good stone box looks high-grade and beautiful, and the design is also ingenious. When you need to go out and look for customers to talk about business, the stone box is a very good choice.So what […]

Bathroom marble countertop color

Natural marble is hard and not brittle, the thickness is generally above 1.6cm. The marble texture is rich and varied, and can be processed into various shapes. The key is that the natural marble countertop will not change color, and it can be kept for a long time,it’s high-end bathroom furniture. The marble color depends […]

What does Stone placing tools include?

Stone placing tools are used to display stone samples. Commonly used places include: stone exhibition hall, stone store, stone exhibition, stone promotional activities. Stone as a display in the 8-year sales staff, to tell you about the stone exhibition which products are included. 1, stone display: stone display is characterized by the display of stone […]

New design for portable stone sample catalogue

In the sales process of marble, granite, quartz stone samples,in order to facilitate comparison, viewing and selection, generally only a small piece of sample is carried and displayed for each stone, but when the number of samples is large, the sample is carried becomes a problem.For example, if the samples are simply stacked in a […]

How to choose a marble catalogue

The stone is cut into small pieces,the appearance of high-end visual impact is printed,the inner page displays marble samples, and then provides high-end environmentally friendly stone catalogue to local distributors, which has become the main marketing channel of stone companies.The quality and price of the stone catalogue on the market are uneven.It becomes a trouble […]

How to make out the perfect stone sample book

The demand for stone sample books is growing. Many people suffer from the design can not find a satisfactory production company. Because they simply do not know how a perfect sample book is designed. Today I will give you a detailed step-by-step to introduce the production process. 1, Firstly customer through the network and other […]

How is the Plastic Stone Sample Catalog made?

Compared with other stone sample books,the plastic stone sample catalog is anticorrosion, small and light, and the transportation modes are diversified. It is suitable for displaying your stone samples to customers at exhibitions, exhibition halls and dealers.Today I will simply introduce the process of plastic stone sample binder . Plastic stone sample catalogs usually consist […]

6 manufacturing specifications of tile display stand

Now people are increasingly demanding the tile display stand, no longer limited to practicality. Industry summed up the six manufacturing specifications of tile display stand. If a tile display stand is good enough, only look at these six specifications. 1.Integrity specification: reflected in consistent shape, consistent processes, uniform color, uniform style these four points. 2.Age […]