Basic knowledge of stone maintenance

The houses decorated with stone are fashionable and high-end,but there are still many people who don’t know much about the role and types of stone.So what are the common knowledge of stone maintenance?

1.Marble maintenance:Its texture is soft.Though it has good acid and alkali resistance,it has poor weathering resistance and is easily scratched during using.The best period of care for marble is before marble is used.First,pre-protect with a water-repellent and oil-repellent protective agent,then clean with a neutral detergent,but be careful not to clean with an acidic cleaner.
2.Limestone:Limestone is easy to adsorb oil or liquid,and it is also easily scratched or corroded by acidic substances.Therefore,it should be cleaned regularly with a neutral detergent when used.
3.Take care of granite:The color of granite is generally dark,but it is resistant to acid and alkali,and it is also highly resistant to weathering.Secondly,its appearance has many pores,so it has strong water absorption.Granite can be cleaned with a neutral or weakly acidic cleaner when in using.
4.Artificial stone: Artificial stone is commonly used on the ground and stove top.It can be cleaned with neutral or weak alkaline detergent when used normally.