Bathroom marble countertop color

Natural marble is hard and not brittle, the thickness is generally above 1.6cm. The marble texture is
rich and varied, and can be processed into various shapes. The key is that the natural marble countertop
will not change color, and it can be kept for a long time,it’s high-end bathroom furniture.

The marble color depends on the basic color of the polished surface, which can be roughly divided into
white, yellow, gray, green, red, black, coffee,etc.Due to the ever-changing thickness of marble and
crystal grain size,the color is colorful and the application is extremely high.
From the perspective of overall home decoration, the marble countertop color of the bathroom is not
suitable for too deep selection. Try to choose light-colored stone as the decorative material, because
the light color creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere, which makes people feel happy,light tones can
also be used to expand the space visually. For small-sized families,it is very suitable.
Light-colored marble countertops such as snow white, colorful jade, coffee, beige, etc,combined with
varnished solid wood cabinets, can add a sense of return to nature to the bathroom space.If you prefer
dark tones, you should have dark countertops with dark marble countertops, which will be more
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