Choose the most suitable granite color for your home

Granite is usually used on kitchen countertops or bathroom walls and is ideal for home
countertops.granite must be made up of a minimum of 20% quartz in order to be considered true
granite,and the amount of quartz determines the granite colors,but it may also vary depending on other
types of materials being integrated.

Light granite color
In the darker rooms,the light colored granite is a good choice,can make the room look wider and more
enjoyable.Light-colored granite has many designs,ranging from sand blown by spots and whirlpools to
solid granite in one color.
Dark granite color
In order to make a stronger statement in the room, dark granite is the best choice.It can make the
room look more modern and elegant, especially because the granite is so powerful and heavy, adding a
touch of natural flair to the room.There are many different types of dark granite that can be used for
countertops, such as black granite for very elegant back splashes or counters, while striped or
spotted versions can add more interest.Deep tones tend to shrink more space, and they are beautifully
finished in a spacious and airy room with plenty of natural light, giving it an elegance that cannot
be replicated in synthetic materials.
Color Combinations for Granite
In addition to simply dark or light granite to decorate the room,granite also has a variety of
different color groups.Using a combination of light and dark colors can help increase the fun of the
room, and it can look very elegant.When looking for the right granite color for your home,choose
carefully to see how the color enhances the natural look of the room.You can also see a more
personalized look by combining various colors for a particular style.Granite is so durable and
beautiful that it can last longer than any other surface in your home if you care for them.
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