Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Granite

Origin: Granite is an igenous rock, which means that it is the result of molten rock that has cooled in subterranean pockets until it’s solid. Colors of granite depend on the sundry minerals trapped and suspended inside the molten rock during this process. It’s these sundry materials that give granite an incredible density and stability. Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth.

Appearance: The color range of granite is incredibly varied, from absolute black to white leopard, to golden yellow, and beyond. Indeed, granite offers subtle blues, greens, and grays that are commonly popular selections for all kinds of surfaces in residential and commercial settings. Thanks to high quartz content in all granite, the speckle patterns makes granite in general a distinctive stone type.

Effects: Granite tile is known for its no-nonsense, professional air. As such, it’s been used in hallways and foyers all over the world as flooring and as wall cladding to make a good first impression in commercial towers and hotels. It also creates a look of elegance in residential settings, too.

How to use granite: Floor tile, wall cladding, tile-based countertops, bathroom vanities, cutting boards, coasters.

Advantages: high-end professional look, supreme hardness

Challenges: Granite is very hard, so it’s difficult to cut without experience and the right equipment. You may have to get special tools to cut it, or (better yet) get a professional if you plan on-site cutting. It’s also pretty heavy, which is another reason to get professional advice, and to make room in your budget for a professional installation.

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