Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Limestone

Origin: Limestone is yet another member of the same family as marble and travertine, derived from subterranean water sources. These river systems and springs collect materials like calcite and argonite. Traces of fossil materials can also be found in the body of a limestone slab. What’s left is a smooth, and durable natural stone that offers a wide color range, too.

Appearance: Similar to marble, without the consistent vein patterning, limestone remains to be distinctive. Limestone is also similar to travertine of course but isn’t typified by a porous body, and tending to have a wider range of natural colors available for you to consider.

Effects: Limestone was used by the Ancient Egyptians to build the Great Pyramids. As such, limestone is also distinguished, and associated with the founding of civilization.

How to use limestone: flooring, wall cladding, pavers

Advantages: A natural stone that shares similar characteristics with marble and travertine, and with a wide range of colors, yet with similar classical subtlety.

Challenges: See travertine.

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