Common stone sample box material

The stone sample box, as the name implies, is the box for displaying stone samples. The appearance of
the good stone box looks high-grade and beautiful, and the design is also ingenious. When you need to go
out and look for customers to talk about business, the stone box is a very good choice.So what are the
materialss of the stone sample box?

MDF stone box
MDF is a man-made board made of sapwood, small-diameter material, fast-growing material, and bamboo
and other plant materials. It has low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate, and is more
affordable than natural wood. When using stone boxes, try to choose famous brand manufacturers, because
their products generally use high-quality medium-density fiberboard that has passed the testing of
relevant departments as raw materials, and have better quality assurance.

Wooden stone display box
First of all, it is very environmentally friendly. It is mainly made of paper, wood and strong
cardboard. It can be used to display granite, marble, quartz stone, etc. I personally think that the
handle will be more beautiful and convenient, as shown in the figure.Cardboard stone sample box
The advantages are affordable, light weight, the surface of the box is printed, plain, painting,
stickers and other processes.

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