Find right label for your product packaging

Labeling on your products can be pretty overwhelming with all the options available out there. To find the right labeling material for your needs, you should probably be asking yourself questions like:
Do I need them to be waterproof?
How permanent do I need these labels to be?
Do I want labels with a glossy or matte finish?
Are these labels durable enough to withstand outdoor use?
Will they be going in the dishwasher or microwave?


Repositionable vs. Reusable
Repositionable Labels means the labels can be peeled up and repositioned if necessary.This is only possible immediately after the label has first been applied and can only be done once or twice before the adhesive wears out. Reusable means labels can be peeled up and re-applied multiple times on different surfaces

With these questions,you will select suitable material for your product labels.

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