Five Creative Ways To Use Granite In Your Kitchen

Whenever there is a discussion on the use of durable and practical materials in your kitchens, the list is always topped by granite. Granite is easy to maintain and is truly versatile. Its resilience makes it a very popular choice in most of the kitchens. Though, most of the people agree on its enduring nature, there are some who often ignore this material and go for marble that they consider as aesthetically pleasing. But practicality and aesthetics can definitely complement each other. When you use granite in a creative manner in your kitchen, it can create a powerful visual impact. The list below constitutes of some of the creative and innovative ways of incorporating granite in a kitchen.

Granite countertops in your kitchen
Granite and kitchen countertops have almost become synonymous to each other and of course for a logical reason. You all know that granite is a good stain-resistant and heat-resistant material for items such as grease and food. Your design affinity is immaterial as there is no scarcity of kitchen countertops made of granite. Those who are fond of modern décor can go for a chic looking countertop made of granite whereas people who are fond of traditional décor can choose a conventional option.

Kitchen Backsplash made of granite
Backsplashes in your kitchen made of granite can add value to the homes and can also include a decorative and elegant element due to the fact that it features a rich texture. A great method to start is by matching the tiles with the home appliances, cabinets and light fixtures in your kitchen.

Use granite door knobs for your kitchen cabinets
Include an element of ingenuity in your kitchen and you do not have to spend a lot of money for that. You can choose doorknobs made of granite that can complement the kitchen slab in your home, island lights of your kitchen or the flooring.

Kitchen sinks made of granite
Do you actually desire to see your kitchen standing out? If you sincerely want that, you can invest your money on a superior quality sink that will also be a reflection for your kitchen’s overall décor. Granite is a versatile material and you can use it for designing beautiful and creative kitchen sinks that may not essentially adhere to the traditional design norms.

Granite flooring
Many contemporary kitchens today use granite flooring as they can resist almost everything like spill, heat, shoe scuffs, and stains. But granite is also popular as it comes in a variety of patterns and styles. You can even choose granite tiles in place of bigger slabs or do a mix and match of them so that an individualistic look can be achieved.

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