Five steps to make your stone floor shine

Stone flooring can add beauty and elegance to the home.Proper cleaning and maintenance can keep it
lasting and beautiful.Whether your floor is marble,granite,limestone or artificial stone,here are
five steps to make your stone floor look as clean as ever.

stone sample box
Step 1:Regularly remove the dust from the stone floor.
Step 2:Use a wet mop to clean the floor.If necessary,use stone soap.You can also use water to
Step 3:Re-polish the stone floor every two or three years,or ask the experts to polish.When you
realize that the stone floor has begun to fade,it’s time to re-polish them.
Step 4:If there has a spill,clear it immediately.
Step 5: Repair the deep scratch on the stone floor.It is best to ask the expert to repair it.Once
it is found,it should be treated in time.
Some tips:
1.If there is no stone soap,replace it with a neutral soap.
2.Dust mop and wet mop should be used separately and not used elsewhere.
3.Prevent gravel dust from entering the stone floor,which will scratch and damage the floor.
4.Do not use vinegar,chemical cleaners,or wax on the stone floor.