Five types of packaging materials

Appropriate for packaging materials wrapping, preferable to “white cork”. Its use may prove to be unnecessary when used for products which are already packaged sufficiently. In all cases, this packaging material is easy to recycle reuse. It is used in the form of boxes, sheets corrugated cardboard.such as cardboard sample box

Brick carton
A light, strong air-tight packaging material. Ideal for transporting storage. Its complex composition makes it difficult to reycle. It is becoming the main packaging material used for basic foodstuffs.Complex packaging material, made up of several layers of plastic, paper aluminium. It is also difficult to recycle. It is used mainly to keep drinks such as milk, juice, etc.


This is the most common packaging material and, at the same time, one of the most difficult to dispose of. The factors common to all plastics are that they are light, strong cheap to manufacture. It is for these reasons that they are used so much, as an alternative to cardboard glass packaging materials.

Almost 10% of our rubbish consists of different types of plastic. They are a problem in landfills as they are bulky, they contaminate degrade slowly.Separated the rest of the waste, they can must be upgraded for the good of everyone.
Appropriate for packaging foods (canned foods). For drinks, such as soft drinks beers, aluminium is often used.

Tin plate is a solid, heavy steel covered with tin to protect it against rust. It is used to package canned foods. It can be separated by magnets should be recycled in all cases.

Aluminium is attractive, light strong at the same time, but requires a lot of raw materials energy to make it. For this reason it must be recycled. The majority of cans of soft drinks, lids, aluminium foil, etc. are made aluminium.

An ideal material for foods, especially liquids. It is inalterable, strong easy to recycle.

It is the traditional vessel in the home (jars, glasses, jugs, etc.). Its weight shape may involve some difficulties for transport storage.


Appropriate for packaging heavy goods(stone,Large shelf) . eg: wooden sample box
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