Get a Spa-like Feeling Bath With Natural Stone

Incorporating natural stone into the bath can bring that spa-like feeling home, letting you enjoy its soothing restorative magic day in and day out.
Natural stone like marble and granite is popular in the bath for a reason. Not only are these materials aesthetically beautiful, but the blend of water, light, and stone has been a healing combination for centuries. The Roman baths were almost entirely made of stone and were considered a communal gathering place as well as a place to pamper the body.
Although one might think of natural stone as primarily for ornamentation or decoration, there’s more to it than that. We feel these natural surfaces on a spiritual level too. Natural elements like stone are not only luxurious, but they help remind us of the connection we have with the earth. And just a little bit of natural stone can bring warmth into the whole environment, transforming an entire living space into a sanctuary and infusing a sense of peace and harmony.

Natural stone creates a sense of intimacy. It’s elegant, durable, and truly timeless—all attributes that make us feel good. So, how do you get that spa-like feeling at home? Here are a few ways you can incorporate natural stone into the bath:
Marble Flooring: Natural stone floors are comforting. The feel of bare feet on natural stone feels very soothing to the body. Marble is an excellent choice. Go for a honed finish. It may be more subtle than a gleaming polished finish, however it will provide better traction, especially in a room that experiences a lot of dampness.

Granite Countertops: Granite is still the top-selling countertop material in America. The traits that make it great in the kitchen also make it perfect for the bathroom. Granite is hard, scratch-resistant, and requires minimal upkeep when properly sealed. Granite isn’t affected by humidity and is resistant to heat, making it the perfect spot to rest your hot curling iron. Not only does granite come in a rainbow of color options but it also adds value to your home since it’s so desirable.

Steam Shower: Nothing says “luxurious spa retreat” like your own personal steam room. Steam showers are the new “must have” element in today’s luxury bathrooms. Steam is said to provide countless mental and physical health benefits. Natural stone can help transform a steam shower into a beautiful, indulgent oasis.

Shower Bench: A shower bench is not only practical, it’s a great idea for creating a place to rest and relax in the shower. A shower bench can also serve as a visual focal point. Whether fabricating it in a unique shape or using a stunning stone meant to catch the eye, it can add a bit of drama to an otherwise unnoticed area.

Water Feature: A water feature made out of mosaic tile, granite, or marble can go a very long way in creating a soothing spa environment. First off, the bubbling sound of the water eases away tensions while the feature itself serves as an artistic focal point. Whether it’s purely decoration or it has functional purpose, a bathroom water feature creates inviting ambiance.

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