How does marble floor prevent slippery?

Marble antiskid is a concerned problem people who use marble tiles on their floors, but it is well
known that marble is smooth and easy to fall. What good anti-slip measures make the marble floor both
beautiful?Is there any good antiskid measure that makes the marble floor both aesthetic and
skidproof?please keep reading.
Anti-slip agent
The anti-slip agent will broaden the original capillary channel on the marble floor surface through
the osmotic reaction, and form a large number of extremely small pits on the surface.When the floor is
dried, the static friction coefficient is increased as compared with the original.When there is water,
these capillary channels and tiny pits will be filled.When there is water, these capillary channels
and tiny pits will be filled.When you step on the wet floor,there are many tiny suction cups between
the foot and the surface to prevent slipping,the static friction coefficient and anti-slip performance
are also greatly improved.In addition,the marble floor need to be cleaned regularly to keep the tiny
pits on the surface from being covered by oil and dirt.
Stone slip stickers
Anti-slip stickers on the market,the surface is mostly selected anti-slip sand, rubber anti-slip
fiber or no sand special anti-slip material, which has good corrosion resistance for most chemical
components,and has strong waterproof and resistant high temperature and UV resistance.The non-slip
surface can also be printed with a variety of beautiful color patterns, trademarks and texts,
practical and beautiful.
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