How is the Plastic Stone Sample Catalog made?

Compared with other stone sample books,the plastic stone sample catalog is anticorrosion, small and light, and the transportation modes are diversified. It is suitable for displaying your stone samples to customers at exhibitions,
exhibition halls and dealers.Today I will simply introduce the process of plastic stone sample binder .
Plastic stone sample catalogs usually consist of panels, link bars, covers, stickers and handles,if the handle is
necessary,it’s up to you.The process is divided into 6 steps.Firstly,develop molds, which are divided into single-color
molds and two-color molds. Monochrome molds are injection molds that can only be injection-molded in one color. There is no trace inside the booklet; and two-color molds are injection molds that can be injected in two colors. There are injection molding marks inside the booklet,the materials needed are more, so the price is also more expensive than the monochrome model.Second,prepare raw materials.Such as what colors of your panel, link bar, inner frame, etc needed.Third, injection molding.After you have prepared materials,it’s start to injecting molding.Fourth, splicing.Stick the completed booklet model with stickers.Fifth,sticker.Sixth,packaging.All steps are completed, it will be packaged and shipped, packed in cartons for easy transportation.
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