How to Attach a Glass Splashback Tile to a Wall

Glass backsplash tiles are available in a wide selection of colors, shapes and sizes. Specialty tile suppliers or your local home improvement store will have glass tile sheets available for uncomplicated installation. Cutting the tiles for a perfect fit will require a wet saw.A glass backsplash will add a sparkly, contemporary element to your kitchen or bathroom decor.
1,Measure the width and height of the backsplash area with a tape measure. Multiply the width by the height to determine the square footage needed for your glass tile sheet purchase.
2,Measure and cut adhesive tile matting with scissors to fit the tile area. The matting is extremely sticky and will adhere to almost any surface without preparation.
3,Hold a chalk line marker at the center top of the tile area and snap the line to mark a chalk plum line for tile placement.
4,Cut the tiles to fit the area with a wet saw while wearing goggles and protective gloves. Press the tiles on the matting, moving from the center plumb line to the area edges and separating the tiles with 1/4-inch spacers. After all tile has been pressed to the matting, remove the spacers.
5,Cover the tiles with premixed grout, using a grout float and pressing the grout into the spaces between the tiles. Use the edge of the float to remove the excess grout.
6,Fill a bucket with water and dip a grout sponge in the water. Wring out the sponge. Wipe the tile to remove excess grout, cleaning the sponge after every wipe. Let the grout dry for one hour. Remove the grout haze with a soft cloth.

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