How to choose a marble catalogue?

The stone is cut into small pieces,the appearance of high-end visual impact is printed,the inner
page displays marble samples, and then provides high-end environmentally friendly stone catalogue to
local distributors, which has become the main marketing channel of stone companies.The quality and
price of the stone catalogue on the market are uneven.It becomes a trouble that how to choose a stone
catalogue supplier for the purchaser.Today I will give some suggestions and hope to help you.

Stone sample has different thicknesses.For the sample catalogue with high bearing capacity, the sample
must be thicker, and it is more textured on the hand.There are some paper stone sample catalogues with
EVA foam,which affects the appearance and affects the quality, so high-density EVA is the first
Furthermore, the process problem.Some companies make hand-made stone catalogues, and when you touch
the finished product,it feels very bad.The companies with larger scales will use the machine to
suppress the edges and the finished products are beautiful and generous.
In addition,the product also involves packaging and transportation problems.Many companies use
simple and low-cost carton packaging,coupled with the destruction of logistics,and when the goods are
received, most or even all the goods have been damaged.Companies that focus on products and reputation
will pay attention to product quality,focus on product packaging,tray packaging,carton and corner
packaging,So instead of choosing a stone sample catalogue, it is better to say how to choose a stone
sample catalogue manufacturer.
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