How to choose the color for your kitchen countertop

Planning a kitchen is funny. From the style of your cabinet ,colour,placing position and so on.Now let’s talk for a minute about the choices you have for a kitchen countertop color, and how your choice can affect the look of the kitchen.

Light or Dark
We can’t talk about color without talking about light. You may have a large, airy, open kitchen with sunlight streaming in through many windows, or you may have a small, enclosed space with no windows at all. Your choice of colors can make all the difference in the ultimate feel of the room.

A dark small kitchen with no natural light is not a place anyone wants to be. Imagine how transformed it could be with cabinets of gray or palest yellow topped with a misty granite or white marble counter.

A large bright kitchen can feel clean and sun-washed with light countertops, but it can also handle darker tones. Rich wood cabinets with deep green granite countertops would be the perfect way to make the kitchen an extension of the natural landscape visible through the windows.

The Latest Style or Classic
Kitchen decor goes through fashion phases. You may be someone who wants the latest style, or you may be someone who prefers a classic, timeless look. The good news is that you can choose a kitchen countertop color that will look great now while also giving you the flexibility to flow with changing fashion in the future.

For example, the current color rage for kitchens is white. Do we have white countertops at Traditional Designs? Yes. Is that what you want for a fashionable white kitchen? Not necessarily. You might also consider a dramatically veined white marble, or an elegant gray or even jet black granite. Our designers can show you how even our most strikingly colored stone can be used to create the most fashion-forward space of today and still be compatible with whatever color may be coming over tomorrow’s style horizon.

The Color of Quality
At Traditional Designs we consider your kitchen countertop an investment in quality. Whether you find the perfect look and want to stick with it or you want to shakethings up every few years, your countertops will endure. You may decide to paint the cabinets or switch out the hardware, but you will not have to replace your stone countertop.

Quartz Countertop Colors

The kitchen countertop color you choose can open up a small room, make a large room more cozy. It can help make your kitchen a pleasant and welcoming space for you and your family.Stone Sample Boards