How to identify the quality of stone sample catalog?

The stone sample catalog usually has two styles, one is a plastic stone sample book, and the other is a paper stone sample book, which is a sample book distributed by the stone company to the dealers and it’s convenient for them to purchase the products.A good stone sample catalog can get a good display effect.However, not every stone sample catalog made by the stone sample book supplier is satisfactory.Today, we will introduce you how to identity the quality of stone sample book.
A good quality paper sample book is so heavy in your hand that you can feel the center of it,It’s like holding a weight.Oppositely,the poor one is light.
Gently pinch the paper sample book by hand to see if there is any depression.If its sunk and cannot be recovered for a long time ,they are poor quality and service life is limited .
Is there a burr?
The burrs can tell if the work of the entire paper sample book is rough,is the incision complete and is there a rounded and smooth opposite angle.Burrs and barbs will affect our hand feeling.
The stamping strength of some backward paper sample book making machines can’t meet the standard requirements,and the sampled sample plates are very uneven and the sensory effect is poor.
The risk of the general paper sample book is to print some patterns and articles,so we can distingguish the quality of the stone sample catalog is good or bad from the color definition and recognition of the pattern.
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