How to identify the quality of the granite sample catalogue?

Plastic granite sample catalogue,also known as granite sample book,has the advantages of heat resistance,impact resistance,good toughness,etc.The inner panel is assembled inside, which can effectively protect the stone sample from damage and facilitate the replacement of samples.Because of its low cost and portability,stone companies are very fond of it,so how do you identify if the stone cataloue is good or bad on the market?
First, the material.In order to save costs,some manufacturers use secondary reclaimed materials which have low toughness,poor resistance,cracking and brittleness,and the color is much worse than raw materials,when you pick it up ,you will feel the weight is also lighter,and the service life is reduced by half compared with the raw
material.Therefore,the materials of the purchased granite catalogue should be new, the color is good,and there is weight.If you can’t distinguish the new material,you can see the price,the cost of the second recycled material is much cheaper than the new material.
Second,the adhesive sticker on the cover.Generally,it is divided into two types:a matte film and a bright film.The two can be distinguished from the surface.The matte film is a matte surface,and the matte surface is matte after the film is coated.The light film is a bright surface,and the film is transparent and bright.
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