How to identify the quality of the stone display base?

In order to display their stone better , most stone manufacturers will purchase some stone display base to package the stone to reflect the high-end atmosphere of the stone.There are also some bad merchants who use the quality of the stone sample book that consumers do not understand to deceive consumers.So How to identify the quality of the stone display base?

1.The sample edge of the defective stone sample base is not smooth and rough.At the same time,the cutting standards in the frame inside the box can also pick out the problem,such as varying in size,the top and bottom are not parallel.
2.the high-quality stone display base is heavy,if it is made of inferior material,its weight is not centripetal and its gossamer.
3.As long as the quality of the stone display base made by a large enterprise,the quality is not bad,that’s why people choose a company with a certain reputation.The purchase of stone display base should also choose companies or manufacturers with certain qualifications,so that the chances of buying fakes are even lower.
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