How to make out the perfect stone sample book

The demand for stone sample books is growing. Many people suffer from the design can not find a satisfactory production company. Because they simply do not know how a perfect sample book is designed. Today I will give you a detailed step-by-step to introduce the production process.
1, Firstly customer through the network and other channels to find us. Check with our business staff to determine what type of sample is required. Such as stone, or tile, and are different. How much size, design style is what? Through the multi-dimensional constraints. Our cute business notices take the form of a written request to a designer.
2, after careful design of the design, design out of the sample book belongs to our initial version of the. And then notify the customer acceptance. To solicit the customer’s opinion, if the customer feels very satisfied, then we carry on the third stage of work. If the customer is not satisfied, need to modify the place, communicate with the designer, and strive to achieve in the sample book case of exquisite customer satisfaction.
3, customer satisfaction, the factory staff began to be public. Make a sample out. Submitted to the customer. Customer satisfaction direct mass production.
How kind is not difficult to look simple ah? In fact, in the process of designer design are very costly. The most important thing is the support of our factory. Otherwise, the design of the beautiful again to no avail. Because there is no actual product output.

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