Method for distinguishing true and false quartz stones

Many people don’t know much about quartz stone.they don’t know how to choose high-quality quartz stone.
The following is a simple explanation for how to distinguish true and false quartz stone countertops.

Look with your eyes
The regular quartz stone will have the code of the stone company on the back, and there should be grain
on the back.Because the hardness of the quartz stone is very hard, there will be cutting lines.

Burn with fire
Add some detergent and water to scrub, then use fire to burn, inferior quartz stone, there will be
yellow marks that can not be wiped off after burning.

Scrape with a knife
Poor quality quartz stone with a knife after scraping, there will be powder.High-quality quartz stone
hardness is hard,there will be no powder after scraping,and there will be a knife metal color on the
quartz stone.

Soak with strong acid
Inferior quartz stone will be surrounded by strong acid soaked bubbles, and high-quality quartz stone
will not bubble after soaking with strong acid.

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