New design for portable stone sample catalogue

In the sales process of marble, granite, quartz stone samples,in order to facilitate comparison,
viewing and selection, generally only a small piece of sample is carried and displayed for each stone,
but when the number of samples is large, the sample is carried becomes a problem.For example, if the
samples are simply stacked in a bag, the hard stone samples in the process may collide with each other
and rupture, causing scratches and the like. When the sample is to be displayed, the samples need to be
taken out one by one. It is both troublesome and unattractive. At this time, you need to use the stone
catalogue. It can not only preserve the stone samples intact, but also display the stone beautifully. The
following is a brief introduction to several Stone Sample Catalogues for quartz,granite and marble.

Cardboard Marble and Granite Quartz Sample Catalogue
It can be used to place granite, marble, quartz stone, ceramic tiles, etc. The shelf above is
detachable. You can put the stone material sample first, then put the shelf on it. I actually operated
it, it is very firm.It is also very easy to disassemble, I think it is very convenient and easy to use.

Transparent plastic sample catalogue
It is made of plastic, very lightweight and easy to carry, there are 7 styles to choose.

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