How to purchasing safe and healthy tiles

Good quality tiles generally pay more attention to safety. radiation will also be controlled
within the scope of the state. When purchasing tiles, it is necessary to check many ways rather than just
look at the pattern of single tile samples.
First of all, observe the appearance,good quality tiles’ surface should be smooth and delicate,
the gloss glaze is crystal clear, the matt glaze is soft and comfortable.Under sufficient natural light
or fluorescent lighting, the bricks should be placed vertically at a distance of 1 m and no obvious
glazed defects should be visible.The patterned tile should be delicate and realistic, without obvious
defects such as lack of color, broken line and misalignment.The shading and trademark of the back of the
high quality ceramic products are clear and complete, with little glaze or defects.
Secondly, check the label. The product packaging box should have the name of the factory, the address
of the factory, the name of the product, the telephone number of the after-sales service, the
specifications, the quantity, the trademark, the date of manufacture and the standards implemented. For
the ceramic tile, the CCC certification mark and the ceramic tile for interior decoration should be
Third, the splicing effect:small tile size deviation is small, put a batch of products vertically on a
plane to see if there is any jagged phenomenon.
In fact,there are more precautions about purchasing tiles.We will share with you in the next article. For more information, please pay attention to our website: Tile Sample Binder