Quartz countertops are gaining momentum

Although granite has been a consumer favorite for countertops for a number of years, quartz countertops are gaining momentum. According to a 2017 Houzz study, granite was chosen 41% of the time and quartz 40%. This may be due in part to the ever-growing variety of designs, colors, and patterns coming on the market. Quartz countertops are also growing in popularity because today’s busy families prefer to avoid the maintenance needed with granite.
Quartz countertops do not need periodic re-sealing like some granite products do. Even though advances have provided for 15-year sealing for granite, the population at large still believes it must be done annually. This widespread, albeit incorrect, belief is spurring more interest in quartz countertops.
Another reason for the growing trend toward quartz countertops is the desire for lighter colors. A lot of granite is dark by comparison, and the neutral, light tones being offered by the quartz industry are more appealing to some homeowners. In fact, the look of marble is especially popular, and quartz countertops that mimic marble are one of the hottest products at the moment. Of course, quartz countertops are also available in darker colors if that is your preference.
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