The Differences Between Artificial Stone and Natural Stone

The surface of natural stone and artificial stone looks very similar, but there are many differences in careful distinction, so
what is the difference between them?How to choose a good stone sample catalog for your stone sample?
Let’s take a look at the seven differences of them.
The color:Both of them are as the name suggests, the texture and color of natural stone are all natural and unique, its the
masterpiece of nature, and artificial stone is to imitate the natural stone texture, the lines are regular,the color is clear and
The wear resistance:the compressive and wear resistance of natural stone is better than artificial stone;
The acid and alkali resistance: it is tested with hydrochloric acid, and there will be abundant foam on the surface of
natural stone, and artificial foam will not have obvious foam;
The permeability: natural stone has stronger permeability than artificial stone.Drop the colored liquid on the surface
of the natural stone, the color will penetrate into the interior of the stone, and it is not easy to remove the traces left behind.
The artificial stone has poor permeability and the color penetration is slow.It will not leave traces if it is cleaned in time.
The lives of the stone: Under the circumstance of same specifications, the life of natural stone is far exceeds the life of
artificial stone.
The weight of the stone:Under the circumstance of same specifications,natural stone is heavier than artificial stone.
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