What does Stone placing tools include?

Stone placing tools are used to display stone samples. Commonly used places include: stone exhibition hall, stone store, stone exhibition, stone promotional activities. Stone as a display in the 8-year sales staff, to tell you about the stone exhibition which products are included.

1, stone display: stone display is characterized by the display of stone samples, stone samples show a comprehensive. More importantly, because it has a separate display angle, it will appear extra beautiful, to maximize the out of the stone out of the ordinary. Disadvantages are inconvenient to carry, for the need for long-term engaged in outdoor activities, stone business is concerned, every time they move is simply a disaster.

2, stone countertops display: small size, light weight relative to the stone display stand. Placed on the table above. His purpose is to design the customer into the store after the detailed description of the stone or when the negotiations to facilitate customers at any time to take. Cutting stone samples than stone display stand. Customers take will be relatively time-saving. And it is very important because its weight is relatively light, to facilitate the movement of business, handling.
3, stone sample book: Sample Book There are many kinds of materials, of which the most commonly used is EVA material, paper material plastic material. For different needs of customers using different materials, the advantages and disadvantages obvious. Stone sample book production is to facilitate the selection of stone dealers. From the indirect and side publicity stone company.

4, stone sample box: sample box relative stone sample book more upscale, business some. The main materials are aluminum, wood and so on. For some of the brand awareness and the need to carry long-term travel samples of stone customers, stone sample box can provide you with the greatest portability.

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