What materials are there for the tiles display stand?

  How to buy a tiles display stand?First of all, you need to know where the tile display racks are sold,how to buy them,what styles and materials are available,and so on.Today, I will introduce you to the material of the tile display stand.

Wood:The wood display rack is small,easy to carry and is very popular among customers.It is mainly composed of MDF.But it is easy to expand and deform after being exposed to moisture or water for a long time,if you use wooden tile display stand, pay attention to ventilation and keep the environment dry.
Plastic: Plastics are mainly made of acrylic and PP.Acrylic material is generally made into a countertop display rack.When participating in the exhibition,the effect will be very beautiful and atmospheric.However,the rack will become dull and unable to obtain a long- lasting display after a long time.PP material is used in the plastic sample book.The tile sample book made by exploring the customer’s demand and opening the mold is very suitable
for companies.The company collects the samples and distributes them to the agents.
Iron: Iron is the most common type of tile display rack material.It’s sturdy and durable, long service life,have a beautiful appearance after painting,can spray a variety of colors suitable for shop decoration style,suitable for decorative tile display stand.But it is easy to rust and smash,which reduces the display effect.
Steel plate:It is usually used in the hole plate,that is,the tile punching plate display rack. Through the punching machine,a uniform hole is punched out on the steel plate,and then the hook is inserted to display the sample.
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