What packing boxes should I use when moving?

Packing boxes for moving house come in different shapes and sizes. Some are thick and strong and some are thin and less durable. There are large shipping boxes, medium and small cartons.You can even get custom made boxes. Did you know the packing boxes for moving can be made of cardboard, plastic or wood?
Unfortunately if you are moving for the first time in your life you need to learn what boxes you should use to pack and move particular items. Choosing a right box will result in your goods being better protected while in transit.
Book boxes
As implicit from the name, this is a type of box which has a specific usage. It is meant for packing books and similar heavy items like CD and cassette. This type of box is also known as book cases or book presses. It is normally moderately sized so that when filled with books, it will not be too heavy for one person to lift. It is the best type of moving box to be used when moving private libraries or school libraries to another location. This type of box has 3 tiers each one resting on another.
Wardrobe boxes
This is a type of box meant for the packing of clothes. A specially made rod or stick is attached at some height in the box for hanging of clothes. It serves as a temporary wardrobe for people moving house. Rather than spending time to fold your clothes, you will simply hang them in the box and seal it with a tape in preparation for moving. The clothes hung on the box will remain hanging throughout the period of moving. It is available either as a lay-down or stand-up box. Wardrobe boxes are not cheap but their are very handy and prevent all your suits and dresses from getting creased.
Flat boxes
These are specifically designed for packing of items that are flat. Flat boxes are not high. It is suitable for packing items like laptop, DVD or VCD devices, and items of similar size.
Mirror carton
It is specially meant for moving mirror and glassed framed photos as well as glass table tops moving. Such types of shipping cartons are normally padded or cushioned to protect the items inside it. Mirror boxes or carton is available in a number of sizes to suit different sizes of mirror, glass table tops, framed photos and similar items. They are usually flat and can telescope to hold even the largest paintings. Telescope boxes can be joined together.
Mattress carton
There are different types and sizes of bed such as crib, twin bed, double, king and queen size beds. When they are being moved, a special type of moving box is used. This is called mattress carton or box. It is available in various types to suit various needs.
Dish pack (barrel or dish barrel)
It comes with extra layer and strength making the safest moving box. It is specifically meant for packing of various types of kitchenware, crystal, small antiques, lamp bases, china and similar items.

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