2019 National Day holiday and company address relocation Notice from Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

The National Day is approaching,Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will take a break from October 1st to October 5th.Please adjust your purchase plan and time. In addition,there is an important notice about Tsianfan,we will move to a new place after the National Day,the address is:2nd Floor,No.27,Xiangxing 1st Road,Xiangyu Free Trade Zone,Huli District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province.Although […]

New Design Stone Collection Box Introduction

The stone collection box is like a mini exhibition hall.When a stone salesman needs to visit customers or need to mail samples to customers, they need to use them.Today, I will introduce several stone sample boxes produced by Tsianfan industry. Aluminum marble stone display case for travelling I have tried this sample box out, which […]

How to identify the quality of the stone display base?

In order to display their stone better , most stone manufacturers will purchase some stone display base to package the stone to reflect the high-end atmosphere of the stone.There are also some bad merchants who use the quality of the stone sample book that consumers do not understand to deceive consumers.So How to identify the […]

How to identify the quality of the granite sample catalogue?

Plastic granite sample catalogue,also known as granite sample book,has the advantages of heat resistance,impact resistance,good toughness,etc.The inner panel is assembled inside, which can effectively protect the stone sample from damage and facilitate the replacement of samples.Because of its low cost and portability,stone companies are very fond of it,so how do you identify if the stone […]

What materials are there for the tiles display stand?

  How to buy a tiles display stand?First of all, you need to know where the tile display racks are sold,how to buy them,what styles and materials are available,and so on.Today, I will introduce you to the material of the tile display stand. Wood:The wood display rack is small,easy to carry and is very popular […]