New Design Stone Collection Box Introduction

The stone collection box is like a mini exhibition hall.When a stone salesman needs to visit customers or need to mail samples to customers, they need to use them.Today, I will introduce several stone sample boxes produced by Tsianfan industry. Aluminum marble stone display case for travelling I have tried this sample box out, which […]

How does marble floor prevent slippery?

Marble antiskid is a concerned problem people who use marble tiles on their floors, but it is well known that marble is smooth and easy to fall. What good anti-slip measures make the marble floor both beautiful?Is there any good antiskid measure that makes the marble floor both aesthetic and skidproof?please keep reading. Anti-slip agent […]

How is the Plastic Stone Sample Catalog made?

Compared with other stone sample books,the plastic stone sample catalog is anticorrosion, small and light, and the transportation modes are diversified. It is suitable for displaying your stone samples to customers at exhibitions, exhibition halls and dealers.Today I will simply introduce the process of plastic stone sample binder . Plastic stone sample catalogs usually consist […]

The Differences Between Artificial Stone and Natural Stone

The surface of natural stone and artificial stone looks very similar, but there are many differences in careful distinction, so what is the difference between them?How to choose a good stone sample catalog for your stone sample? Let’s take a look at the seven differences of them. The color:Both of them are as the name […]

The Intro of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an interesting material. It’s not “just” quartz. It’s actually a composite made of quartz, pigments, and resins. While it contains natural stone ,it’s not a naturally occurring slab, such as granite. In the U.S. today, sales of quartz countertops have skyrocketed with the number of quartz countertops now approaching those of granite and […]

Adding value to your home with natural stone in many ways

Many homeowners think that natural stone is pricy compared to other materials. But what they don’t always think about is the value it infuses. Natural stone can boost the value of your home, both inside and out. It’s far more affordable and accessible today than it was a decade ago. Few other building materials offer […]

How to Attach a Glass Splashback Tile to a Wall

Glass backsplash tiles are available in a wide selection of colors, shapes and sizes. Specialty tile suppliers or your local home improvement store will have glass tile sheets available for uncomplicated installation. Cutting the tiles for a perfect fit will require a wet saw.A glass backsplash will add a sparkly, contemporary element to your kitchen […]

How to Design a Kitchen Island Worktop

Choosing the ideal kitchen island worktop for your kitchen can be a difficult task and there are a number of considerations to take into account when making your decision. In recent years kitchen islands have become increasingly popular for modern day kitchens. They offer a beautiful focal point for your kitchen, as well as a […]

How to choose the color for your kitchen countertop

Planning a kitchen is funny. From the style of your cabinet ,colour,placing position and so on.Now let’s talk for a minute about the choices you have for a kitchen countertop color, and how your choice can affect the look of the kitchen. Light or Dark We can’t talk about color without talking about light. You […]


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