Mosaic Tips 

Start simple. Make a small mosaic plaque before you mosaic a wall or floor. That way you can work out your materials and methods before the big job. How can you draw a design? Simple drawings like those in a coloring book work best. The color and the details come when you add the tile […]

How To Make A Mosaic for an indoor project

For an indoor project not subjected to moisture, it is very simple: 1. Draw a simple “cartoon” (outline) on the mosaic surface. You can copy a mosaic pattern from a coloring book or your favorite pattern of china or fabric. 2. Decide what size mosaic tiles are most appropriate for the level of detail in […]

How to Clean Natural Stone

Natural stone are beautiful additions to any home, If taken care of properly, natural stone can increase property value and aesthetic appeal to any property for years on end. however, care must be taken to keep them clean and free of damage. Although strong and hard, these surfaces are very porous and the surface can […]

How to Make a stained glass mosaic portrait from a photograph

Make a stained glass mosaic portrait from a photograph Materials and Tools: enlarged photograph,mat board,masking tape,clear adhesive shelf liner several colors and shades of opaque stained glass,plastic containers,glass cutter square-nose pliers,glass nippers,tweezers,diamond wheel glass grinder,safety glasses latex gloves,black felt-tip pen,ultra-sticky clear adhesive film,piece of tile backer board (cement board) craft knife,epoxy adhesive,notched trowel,roll of paper towels,instant glue,premixed grout,rubber […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Sandstone

Origin: Sandstone is a variety of ‘sedementary’ rock. It’s formed when, after being collected by subterranean rivers, or ancient ocean beds. In the case of sandstone, the key element is in the name: sand. Grains of sand are bonded while under tremendous heat and pressure to form a solid, striated and decorative natural stone. Appearance: […]

Things Need to Consider When Selecting a Pool Builder

When you make the decision to purchase your dream swimming pool, you have made a great decision and a long term commitment to your home, property and enjoyment. Now you have to select your pool builder and options for this backyard place of rest and relaxation. Here are some things to consider when selecting your […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Limestone

Origin: Limestone is yet another member of the same family as marble and travertine, derived from subterranean water sources. These river systems and springs collect materials like calcite and argonite. Traces of fossil materials can also be found in the body of a limestone slab. What’s left is a smooth, and durable natural stone that […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Travertine

Origin: Much like marble, travertine is also formed by way of underground water systems. Yet, because travertine is formed at a different stage of the process, it has characteristics that are different from the veining patterns common to marble. Appearance: When travertine is formed, the escaping gases caused by water vapor create tiny ‘pores’ in […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Marble

Origin: Although it’s unique, marble is a of a certain family of natural stone. Marble is created in streams underground. These streams gather materials like calcite and dolomite as they their flow over a long period of time. This process creates a build-up of of these materials, as well as other random materials, which eventually […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Slate

Origin: When coastal soil, clay, and other minerals are compressed and heated over millions of years, the result is what is known as slate. Slate demonstrates a rough-hewn beauty, that is also helpfully naturally slip-resistant too. Appearance: Slate tile is of varying surface thickness, which is why it is so slip resistant and appealingly contoured. […]

Choosing Natural Stone Tile-Granite

Origin: Granite is an igenous rock, which means that it is the result of molten rock that has cooled in subterranean pockets until it’s solid. Colors of granite depend on the sundry minerals trapped and suspended inside the molten rock during this process. It’s these sundry materials that give granite an incredible density and stability. […]

How to Choose a Right Printing Company

A professional printing company can prove highly useful when you need to complete a large or complex project, such as  mass producing a brochure. But not all printing companies are created equal, and if you want to ensure the maximum value for your hard-earned dollar, you must do your homework before settling on any company.With a […]