Marble countertops in kitchen

Marble countertops have been increasing in demand for usage in kitchen. There are a couple of reasons why people are moving to marble. It is part of a general trend toward white kitchens. Marble can give a white,bright,light-reflecting surface that is unlike any other material. The growing preference for marble is also a simple desire for […]

10 types of natural stone finishes for interior and exterior applications

The surface of natural stone may be finished in a wide variety of ways. Using different techniques and mechanical processes, natural stone can be adapted to interior and exterior applications.It is important to choose natural stone finishes suitable for an intended use. These are 10 types of  stone finishes: NATURAL The stone is sold as extracted […]

The benefits of tile floors

Many people are taking the carpet in living rooms, and placing tile down instead. This is because there are many benefits to tile floors. Learning about some of these benefits will help you decide if tile is ideal in your home. Tile Floors are Easier to Clean Another benefits to tile floors is that they are […]

Top 5 reasons to use granite countertops

Granite countertops are becoming increasingly popular.If you’re looking for a great kitchen counter that’s durable, attractive, and easy to maintain, go with granite countertops.They are beautiful, durable, and versatile and can improve the looks of any home. The wide range of granite countertops colors makes them able to match any decor perfectly. Plus they add a sense […]

How to choose the best support layer for a natural stone pavings

The construction of the natural stone floor needs a well-conceived design and a careful execution. The adherence layer, which supports the stone, may consist of mortar cement, sand or adhesive . In general, before placing the adherence layer, the supporting surface where we are going to install a natural stone floor, should be clean and free from […]

Find right label for your product packaging

Labeling on your products can be pretty overwhelming with all the options available out there. To find the right labeling material for your needs, you should probably be asking yourself questions like: Do I need them to be waterproof? How permanent do I need these labels to be? Do I want labels with a glossy or […]

Make home More Colorful With The Power of Stickers

Do you feel boring for white walls? Those giant swaths of plain white surface that make your home decor feel boring and uninspired? If you’re looking for a way to perk up a paint job or add some oomph to your home’s ambience, then this idea is for you. Custom stickers put the quirk in a […]

Different Stone Products

Marble: Pressurized limestone underneath the Earth’s crust allows marble to form. Marble is a lot softer than its counterparts and have to be mined with care.Impurities in the limestone during this process give marble its unique patterns and colors depending on the infringing minerals. Being highly resistant to heat and erosion, it was used by the ancient […]

Beautiful Use Of Limestone

From refined residences to formal public spaces, majestic churches to modern skyscrapers – the versatility of limestone continues to be a key element of style for the ages.Its play an essential role in your memorable designs. However, this natural stone has a range of beauty and versatility that can be used in a wide array of […]